'My Days Are Like the Evening Shadow' - oil on linen 76x60cm
Who Are We?
  'Kitchen God' -  exhibited in Summerhall Gallery, Edinburgh. (artist talk recorded by Summerhall TV).   Along my journeys through far away countries and continents, every house, hut, dwelling full of people and hospitality, always had some sort of a vessel for boiling water. Tea, coffee, sweet honey, maybe a cinnamon stick, but always a hot drink, ready to welcome a visitor.  So, this is a kettle. The kitchen god.  Oil on canvas, 100x76cm
  'Don't Look Back'    ....who knows what you might see...  Oil on canvas, 100x70cm
  'Uncertainty of Night'    oil on canvas, 100x70cm  I like wandering at night…
'Northern Symphony' - oil on canvas.
  'Composer'   oil on canvas 100x70cm
  'The Hunter Hunted'   My friend, Raya, likes this one. (RIP, Raya)  oil on canvas, 60x60cm
 'Where Do I Go From Here?'  oil on canvas 1x1m  from the series of 6 paintings, called ‘Requiem’ when exhibited together.
  'Envy'   The first one of my attempts at seven deadly sins. The inspiration was a grave stone with some moss on it, which looked like the images of sculls to me, (see the left top corner). I was wondering at the time, if I am envious of the person lying in the grave...  oil on canvas 100x70cm
  'Air on the G-string'   oil on canvas, 100x76cm
 'One Day I saw You In My Dream'  oil on canvas 1x1m  from the series of 6 paintings, called ‘Requiem’ when exhibited together.
  'The Scull'   oil on canvas, 120x85cm  One of my oldest paintings, this one, 1986.
  'Mistery of Neptune'   After traveling to Svalbard Archipelago…  oil and oil bar, on canvas 70x100cm
  'Broken Rainbow'   Selected for Biennale of Paintings in Poland, 2014.  oil on canvas dyptych, 2x2m
  'Svalbard. Climate Change' -  oil on canvas,   2x2,50m  Honorary Jury Award at Biennale of Paintings in Poland, 2011.  After a journey through Svalbard Archipelago, Spitsbergen and hopping off a ship in a small boat to explore the old, abandoned explorers’ boats, glaciers, the Russian station, the Pyramid… The unforgettable light, the midnight sun…  Six individual paintings, displayed as one.  'Bird', 'Man: Exploration', 'Polar Fox'  'Polar Bear', 'Whale' 'Kamchatka Crab'
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